College Students' Perspective on Mental Wellness

College Students’ Perspective on Mental Wellness

Key learnings from the College Student 2021 Mental Wellness Survey published by American Campus Communities and Hi, How Are You Project

Thousands of participants in a nationwide survey, from incoming college freshmen to graduate students in university markets across the country, shared insights into the current mental health state and overall wellbeing. A year and a half since the pandemic started, the survey revealed that while stress and anxiety levels are down (25% decrease in comparison to last year), 62% of respondents say their levels are somewhat more or considerably more stressful compared to previous years.


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Here are some of the other top key takeaways from the survey conducted in October 2021:

  • Mental wellness continues to be an essential component of students' overall health & wellbeing

  • Stress and anxiety are pervasive, but levels are down from last year

  • Students continue to have high care quotient for others and seek peers to open up to

  • COVID-19 has prompted student to evaluate their mental wellness

  • Students most look forward to socializing & interacting in person

  • Social media permeates students lives with more positive/neutral impact than negative