Residence Life Specialist | Austin, Texas

The Residence Life Specialist is responsible for assisting the Senior Residence Life Specialist, as well as the Vice President of Organizational Development & Culture, with the development and implementation of a dynamic Residence Life program which will provide both students and parents with an enhanced living experience.  This position will also work collaboratively with on-site staff members, the Operations team and other functional business departments at American Campus Communities (ACC) to meet strategic goals and objectives.  The position will focus on recruiting, training and developing high-quality student staff that falls in line with core ACC culture and elite standards while establishing corporate partnerships that enrich the ACC event/programming platform and marketing strategies.  Some travel may be required. 

Critical Duties: 

  • Function as corporate support for on-site staff members in the implementation of the recruiting process, recruiting resources, interviewing and hiring CAs.
  • Draft and/or edit written materials and correspondence for internal and external distribution.
  • Conduct and participate in training sessions for on-site staff development (full-time and student staff) on Residence Life topics and initiatives.
  • Assist in developing recruitment materials that effectively communicate the values and objectives of ACC as the premier provider of student housing, outline the essential duties and responsibilities of the CA position and highlight ACC’s commitment to offering continued growth with a dedication to training and developing personnel.
  • Maintain regular communication with on-site staff concerning Residence Life initiatives as outlined by the Senior Residence Life Specialist.

Essential Duties (other duties may be assigned): 

Property support in Community Assistant (CA) recruitment and hiring: 

  • Assist in identifying messaging and branding opportunities to attract top applicants for student staff recruiting and hiring.
  • Assist in developing and enhancing the process in which student staff are recruited, interviewed and hired, including but not limited to, creating marketing materials, content for recruiting brochures, flyers, social media and videos. 

Development of corporate partnerships: 

  • Assist in identifying and researching external corporate partnerships to enhance the programming platform of ACC and its properties.
  • Assist in logistical planning and implementation of corporate partnerships at the on-site level.
  • Assist in developing marketing messaging and materials about corporate partnerships for the properties to distribute to prospective residents, residents and parents.
  • After implementation at the on-site level, assist in evaluating the overall effectiveness and cost benefits of the corporate partnership based on desired outcomes as outlined by ACC programming expectations.

Property Communication and Support: 

  • Provide regular Residence Life updates to Regional Vice Presidents and Regional Managers on their assigned portfolios. 

Perform Administrative Tasks: 

  • Collect, track and archive monthly reports from all assets that perform Residence Life functions.
  • Assists in establishing and implementing a system for Residence Life reporting.
  • Assist in the annual review of Residence Life manuals, resources, and training materials provided to on-site staff and Operations teams.
  • Assist in the creation, production and distribution of new resources and training materials for on-site staff. 

ACC Obligations: 

  • The core of American Campus culture involves everyone being fully invested in everything that we do down to picking up the smallest piece of trash. No matter their position or duration at any given property, everyone picks up trash.
  • Serve as an ACC representative and liaison in all communications and interactions.
  • Assist in corporate projects as needed.
  • Serve as public relations representative to all interested parties.
  • Assist with conference planning, logistics and execution as needed.


  • Bachelor's degree required.
  • 3 years of student housing experience preferred.
  • Management and/or marketing experience preferred.

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