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Living Learning Communities and Themed Housing Options


Islander Housing offers multiple Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and Themed Communities (TCs) for Islanders! These residential options are located throughout both communities at Miramar and Momentum Village and create opportunities for students with common interest to have fun, learn, and live together. Any student interested in residing at one of these communities must have a confirmed housing agreement. Once housing agreements are confirmed, students will have the opportunity to complete a resident profile and select their community of interest. Please review the list below for information about all our community options.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Honors LLC
The Honors Program has taken over Port Hall at Miramar!  In the Honors LLC students will be able to work and play together by participating in social and educational events aimed at supporting students that are part of the Honors Program. Port Hall features mostly suite style residence hall rooms with a small number of private residence hall rooms. Only students in the Honors program would be allowed to reside in the Honors LLC.
Pre-Nursing LLC
The Pre-Nursing LLC is a community created for students majoring in pre-nursing and health. In this community residents can get to know other students in their major while taking part in cater social and educational engagement opportunities with faculty and staff. Harbor Hall features mostly suite style residence hall rooms with a small number of private residence hall rooms. The Pre-Nursing LLC located in Harbor Hall at Miramar. Only students in the Pre-Nursing program would be allowed to reside in the Pre-Nursing LLC.

Themed Communities (TCs)

Outdoor Experience Community
Outdoor Experiences is the newest themed housing community offered at TAMU-CC! At Outdoor Experience, students will be able to engage in a community focused on outdoor sporting and adventure. Through tailored activities and outings, Outdoor Experience residents will be able to make friends while having fun outdoors in beautiful Corpus Christi. Activities include watersports lessons and activities, local outings, nature conservation efforts, and more! Outdoor Experience is located in Building 6 at Miramar. Interested students can select this themed housing community during their room selection process.
Substance Free Community

The Substance Free Community is for those students seeking a substance-free living environment. As an alcohol-free residential community, Substance Free House will offer educational and social opportunities that focus on ways to have fun and make friends without alcohol, drugs, and other substances. This residential community is located in Laguna Hall at Miramar and can be selected during the housing selection process.

Gender Inclusive Housing
Gender Inclusive Housing provides students the opportunity to choose their roommates regardless of gender identity or biological sex. Students interested in Gender Inclusive Housing may select this option during the room selection process. Gender Inclusive Housing, available at Miramar and Momentum Village in any space that allows for a roommate, is voluntary. Only student who select gender neutral housing will live in this housing option.

Pet Zone
Pet Zone is located at Miramar’s buildings 8 & 9 as well as Momentum Village’s buildings 9 & 11. This community provides a friendly environment to pets, their owners, and pet lovers. All must be authorized by and registered with Islander Housing before being brought on site. Requests for emotional support animals must be completed via your housing portal.