Co-op friendly leases available

What are Co-op friendly leases and how do they work?

If you are going on Co-op and Global Experience you will sign an 11.5 month lease. Once you receive approved paperwork by your Co-op employer, we will release you from your lease for your Co-op or Global Experience term and you will sign a revised lease. All requests must be made in writing, and received no later than seven days after the acceptance of the Resident's Co-op or Global Experience offer.

The following documentation must be provided as proof of participation in a qualifying Co-op or Global Experience program:

Approval letter from NU Co-op coordinator or academic advisor

Job Offer Letter; or

Screenshot of NU Global Experience and Letter of Approved Program

What does this mean for you?

Zero relet fees

No obligation to find a replacement

Fall Co-op? January lease terms available

Offer also valid for Semester in Silicon Valley





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