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Finding the Apartment where Your Student can Thrive

April 25, 2019
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Student Experience

There is nothing more significant for parents than the moment their child moves away to college — especially knowing their child will no longer live in the security and comfort of the parents’ home.
Have I prepared my child for independence and success? How do I find an apartment where he or she can focus on their schoolwork and academic success? Will the community be friendly and inviting? Will my child stay healthy? Will my child benefit from the living environment as a student and as a person? These are the questions (or fears) that likely preoccupy you as your child enters the next chapter of his or her life.
However, these concerns can be put to rest with an apartment home specifically designed for student success. You are not just searching for a place for your child to live, you are searching for his or her new home — a place where your child can be supported and thrive academically, socially, and personally.
“I was just trying to find a balance between everything; trying to balance my home life, my friends, and school altogether,” said Emily, an education major and current resident at an American Campus Communities property. “... Living at an American Campus Community has really made me feel confident in myself because I know that I can succeed here.”

Where Community & Residence Life Take Center Stage

A college apartment is about more than a cool atmosphere and unique community amenities; it’s all about how residents enjoy their time at the property. Your student should be surrounded by friendly faces who establish a community of trust and who build lasting connections with your child to help support them socially and academically.
An apartment home that focuses on service rather than sales can be the difference between your child’s success or failure. A Residence Life program — where student staff and community assistants are always on-hand to provide peer-to-peer support and service to residents — help ease your child’s stress so that he or she can focus on studying and building lifelong friendships. Additionally, your child could join the team of community assistants, which is a great way to earn extra income, build up the resume, and make new friends.
“Being able [walk into my apartment building] and see the friendly faces of my community has been awesome,” Emily said. “They are some of my best friends now. They are here to make sure I am succeeding in school, I am succeeding in my social life, and I am succeeding just being myself.”
Langston, a second-year advertising major, also attributes much of his academic success to his apartment community. “Being in an environment of students just encourages everyone to be a little bit more aware of what schoolwork they have to do,” he said. “Living in an American Campus community, it’s clear that not only do they care about how the building looks and feels, but they value their residents enjoying the time they spend at the property.”

The Epicenter of Community, Fun, and Academic Success 

From studying for a big exam in a quiet place, to socializing with new friends in the common areas, to living in a community that genuinely cares, your child deserves to find a place to call their home away from home.
As Emily said, “This is my home, my roommates are my family, and that’s what this place has done for me.”

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